RIC is developing the capability and capacity as a precision manufacturing for the military Parts-on-Demand (POD) program.  This in essence will create an environment for RIC to become a custom precision machine shop for Federal, Military and civilian customers in a world class manufacturing environment.

About Alion
Alion Science and Technology Corporation is an employee-owned technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies and commercial customers.

Alion was formed in December 2002 when approximately 1600 employees of the IIT Research Institute (IITRI), founded in 1936, purchased substantially all of the assets of IITRI creating a 100% ESOP-owned company. Each Alion employee has a personal stake in ensuring the collective success of the company.


$739.5M FY08

No. of Employees:


Security Clearances:

Held by 78% of employees


86% Dept. of Defense
7% Commercial
7% Civilian Government

Labs & Facilities:

Alion Operates approximately  94,000 sq. ft. of laboratory facilities

Alion Services

Alion delivers technical expertise and operational support in seven core service areas. We provide leading edge research and development in areas of national and global significance.

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
With nearly 50 years of innovation and experience, Alion delivers complete ship design, engineering and naval architecture service supporting the US Navy and Coast Guard as well as commercial, civil and foreign ship and marine related design requirements.

Defense Operations
Alion works closely with the DoD and government agencies worldwide, helping define and support capabilities, processes and forces to meet the new strategies, threats and opportunities.

Systems Engineering
Alion's systems engineering solutions span the whole system lifecycle, from defining customer needs and required functionality to design, deployment and, ultimately, phase-out. Our engineers have vast experience in designing, integrating, testing and evaluating complex systems, including combat, power, sensors, networking and more. Additionally, Alion’s in-service support programs help ensure the delivered systems can be operated and maintained under demanding conditions.

Modeling and Simulation
The DoD and industry rely on Alion for a broad array of modeling & simulation (M&S) and technical and professional services; our 2D and 3D modeling solutions support advanced training for both the military and first responders.

Information Management and Technology
Alion’s IT services bring order to the complexities of enterprise computing. With a thorough understanding of government and industry IT requirements, we can minimize the risk of acquiring new technology. In addition, Alion’s Center for Information Technology (CIT) draws on our IT resources to support your requirements with analysis management, testing, and development of their technical requirements.

Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Environmental Sciences
Alion's laboratory expertise assures you of accurate results, while our long-standing experience with the US military, civilian government and commercial customers means our solutions are practical and field-ready.

Wireless Spectrum Engineering
Alion’s expertise in wireless communication is unrivaled. Our engineers have developed a host of specialized tools for terrain modeling, performance monitoring and antenna location analysis, and our Spectrum XXI technology has become the DoD’s standard for wireless spectrum assignment and management.

Industrial Technology
Alion’s industrial solutions and service can improve quality, reduce time to market and help you control costs. Our engineers, technicians and operational experts have long-standing expertise supporting industrial capabilities, including power generation plants, manufacturing facilities and materials handling systems.